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Life Coach Dr. Jack Nealon

Director: Dr. Jack Nealon Life Coach
Licensed Counselor (MD0148)
Phone: 301-464-2075
Email: [email protected]

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    Dr. Jack Nealon Life Coach is a client-centered professional Coach/Counselor/Therapist who has more than 20 years of experience meeting with people in person, via phone sessions, and on video conference to explore the knowledge and tools needed by all of us to maintain an excellent quality of life.

    After completing his B.A. degree in psychology, Dr. Jack went on to complete an M.A. degree in counseling psychology, and a Ph.D. degree in clinical psychology. He has been in private practice for many years in Bowie MD, which is also where he lives. He has also facilitated numerous seminars and workshops on relationships and communication skills. (To check out his ratings/reviews, you can google Dr. Jack Nealon.)

    At Life Coaching Connect, we welcome everyone who has an interest in growing in their knowledge and skills in the pursuit of achieving the best possible quality of life. Here at LCC, wellness planning is customized to each client’s situation and profile. Together, we set clear goals and establish daily targets and activities to reach those goals.

    Whether you are exploring individual issues like:

    • Fitness, nutrition and exercise
    • Communication style
    • Time management
    • How to handle stress
    • Career path
    • Emotional maintenance
    • Spiritual growth 

    Or relationship issues like:

    • The art of conversation
    • Conflict resolution
    • Interpersonal nutrients and toxins
    • Affection / romance / sexual intimacy
    • Love languages
    • How to listen
    • Financial systems
    • Parenting options

     … All topics are welcome.

    Costs at Life Coaching Connect are simple and client-centered. The most popular option is 45 min. / $120. You can meet as often as you like, and for the length of time you prefer. The fee is $40 per 15 min. So, if you want a 30 min. session it costs $80. A 60 min. session costs $160. A 90 min. session costs $240. And a double session (120 minutes) costs $320. That’s easy, right?

    (When you contact Life Coaching Connect, please be prepared to provide your credit/debit card number and expiration date.)

    Questions? Feel free to call: 301-464-2075
    Or email: [email protected]
    (Initial 15 min. consult is free)

    Fee Schedule

    • 15 minutes: $40
    • 30 minutes: $80
    • 45 minutes: $120 (*most popular option)
    • 60 minutes: $160
    • 90 minutes: $240


    Rating: 5 stars*****
    I have been seeing Dr Jack on and off for 10 or so years. He is very good at what he does. I keep going back to him because he has helped me with many situations. After a session with him, trust me you will feel better and look at things differently. I give him 5 stars because he is very deserving of 5 plus. If you truly want help Dr Jack Nealon is the go to counselor.

    Rating: 5 stars*****
    At the suggestion of a dear friend, I made an appointment with Dr. Jack for help during a very difficult time. My spouse had severe addictions, over a very long time, which created a profound and negative impact on our marriage and children. Most people do not understand the chaotic, anxiety producing world one lives in when living with an addict. I was reluctant at first because I (and my husband) had already seen several counselors and received little help and direction. Dr. Jack proved to be amazing… very kind, patient, knowledgeable and trustworthy. I finally had a safe place to talk, with a trusted counselor, who could really help me. We began developing a strategic plan to stop the cycle of dysfunction and begin to heal. For the first time in over 15 years, I began to see options and pathways to a healthier life. And Dr. Jack gave me tools to help me cope with the situation. Today, I am in such a good place and I thank Dr. Jack for guiding me there. If you are considering Dr. Jack, I highly encourage you to call him. He is a talented, gifted counselor who truly cares about his clients. He is super convenient too — offering evening and weekend appointments — always there when I need him. Best to you on your journey!

    Rating: 5 stars*****
    Dr. Nealon counseled me through my separation and divorce from 2011 to 2014. I found him to be smart, sensitive, kind, and gentle in his approach. I could tell after a few sessions that he had years of experience in relationship counseling. What sets him apart from other counselors I had seen in the past is that he meets you where you are and keeps growing with you throughout the process of counseling. He always makes himself available to his clients. He’s seen and heard it all with regards to relationship issues. I’m also able to speak to him about the religious perspective of marriage and relationships. He is flexible and yet has a way of guiding one to a healthy decision. Although my marriage couldn’t be saved, Dr. Nealon helped me save myself. I continue to see Dr. Nealon from time to time and highly recommend him.

    Rating: 5 stars*****
    I have been seeing Dr. Nealon every few weeks for several years. I travel over an hour now to continue to see him as I trust him to always give a positive and supportive approach to all different situations and has helped me through several difficult situations. He has been available through email and phone and always willing to work with my schedule. I would recommend him to anyone.

    Rating: 5 stars*****
    Dr. Jack is an amazing listener. Recommend him both for couples and individual therapy. Gentle and direct.

    Rating: 5 stars*****
    Dr. Nealon has been a lifesaver for me. His gentle, friendly, knowledgeable, common sense counseling has helped me through some hard times.
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