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Dr. Jack Nealon Life Coach is a client-centered professional Coach/Counselor/Therapist who has more than 20 years of experience meeting with people in person, via phone sessions, and on video conference to explore the knowledge and tools needed by all of us to maintain an excellent quality of life. He serves the Baltimore, MD area.

Director: Dr. Jack Nealon Life Coach
Licensed Counselor (MD0148)
Phone: 301-464-2075
Email: [email protected]

Fee Schedule

  • 15 minutes: $40
  • 30 minutes: $80
  • 45 minutes: $120 (*most popular option)
  • 60 minutes: $160
  • 90 minutes: $240

Life Coach Connect

At Life Coaching Connect, we welcome everyone who has an interest in growing in their knowledge and skills in the pursuit of achieving the best possible quality of life. Here at LCC, wellness planning is customized to each client’s situation and profile. Together, we set clear goals and establish daily targets and activities to reach those goals.
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